Let's join our hands in making this world a better place for the voiceless and underprivileged!!

Hello kind people, this is Jigna Hiten, Founder/Trustee @rainbowanimalaid, the very first as well as one and only registered not-for-profit animal charity based in Diu (U.T.).

We are dedicated to build a shelter and provide much needed medical attention to the homeless and abandoned street animals of Diu through an in-house experienced Vet , boarding, surgical as well as lab facilities all based locally in Diu.

With your help, by taking small step at a time, we will surely be able to help innumerable animals of Diu who otherwise had never got or will never ever get a chance at life due to poor Veterinary facilities with no Vets locally based in Diu.

Visit our website homepage to learn how you can contribute and help us help the most vulnerable and innocent beings.

On another note, we are also dedicated to help provide education to such children who are underprivileged and cannot afford to learn, such children will be provided with free education in our shelter as well.

We also aim to setup a hobby center for other kids and teenagers in our shelter for the proceeds to be used towards the welfare of animals in running our shelter and providing education to the poor children.

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